I had a blast in Alaska and made new friends from Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. My favorite excursions were panning for gold and the Iditarod.

Why I’m Raising Money:
I’m a high school student and in October 2013, I made a goal of going on a People to People trip, to Alaska, in July 2014. The cost was $5500 and I raised approximately $4200.

In April 2015, I went to Washington DC, and paid for that trip, as well. The Washington DC trip was through my school. My favorite part of that trip was the Spy Museum and seeing the ruby slippers, from the Wizard of Oz. I still need to pay back $1200 from these trips.

Iditarod Day

Iditarod Day

Searching for gold!

Searching for gold!

To help pay for my trips, my family started making homemade pies and after a few months, we added cheesecakes to the menu. We got such a great response, that we decided to publicize, using a website (THANK YOU Uncle Mike, for setting this site up).

Since November of 2013, we’ve sold over 400 pies and cheesecakes. I plan to make pies for a long time, since I still have lots of money to raise.

So, whenever you’re in the mood, for a homemade pie or cheesecake, just call or e-mail!

Choose from a Delicious Assortment (including Mini sizes)

Turtle - Heart shaped and Mini sizes

Turtle – Heart shaped and Mini sizes

Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie

Plain Cheesecake

Plain Cheesecake

Apple Pie

Apple Pie

Peanut Butter Chocolate

Peanut Butter Chocolate

Cherry lovers - this one's for you!

Cherry lovers – this one’s for you!

Strawberry Pie with Chocolate Lining

Strawberry Pie with Chocolate Lining

Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon Meringue Pie

We make any type that a customer requests and have FREE delivery, within a 25 mile radius of Whitewater, Wisconsin.

Everything is made from scratch, from the crust to the homemade cheesecake toppings and whipped cream toppings.

Pies We’ve Made (so far):

Cherry — Pecan — Peach — Banana Cream — Pumpkin — Apple — Raspberry — Rhubarb — Blueberry — Banana Cream — Key Lime — Coconut Cream — Peanut Butter Chocolate — Lemon Meringue — Sour Cream and Raisin — Chocolate (w/meringue topping) — Chocolate Pecan


Plain and Turtle

Cheesecake Toppings:
Cherry — Blueberry Sauce — Raspberry Sauce

Heart-shaped or round 9″ deep dish tins
$12 for all pies, with crust tops, or 2 for $20
$13 for all pies, with whipped cream tops, or 2 for $22
$14 for all cheesecakes or 2 for $24
$15 for the variety box of 9 Mini pies and Mini cheesecakes or 2 for $25 (graham cracker crusted pies).

April 15, 2017:
We just did our first wedding!! For special occasions, the prices will be different. Hard crusted mini pies (apple, cherry, etc) are $3 each, while other pies are $2 each. The price is for the manual labor and oven time needed to prep and prepare these types of large orders, as everything is made in our home oven. If additional oven space is required, additional charges may incur.

Mini Pie and Mini Cheesecakes
Looking for that great dessert for wedding showers, baby showers, graduation parties, or just any party, the mini-pies and cheesecakes are a perfect solution.

These minis are made using a 7 oz jumbo muffin size tin. They come 9 to a box.

You select which pies and cheesecakes you’d like, along with how many of each, to make up your 9.

Choose from the following types: plain cheesecake, turtle cheesecake, banana cream pie, coconut cream pie, peanut butter chocolate pie, and key lime pie

Mini Pies and Mini Cheesecakes

How Does It Work?
* Tell us what kind of pie or cheesecake you’d like (we love the challenge of a new type!)
* Let us know the date you’d like your order delivered.
* Payment will be at the time of delivery.

How to Order:
1. Call in your order 262-473-7103
2. E-mail your order to

Customer Reviews

“Just wanted to tell you that the Key Lime Pie is a work of complete perfection! Excellent crust, distinctive lime taste in the perfectly blended filling. Plus it looks as great as it tastes… with the cream puffing on top and the slender slices of fresh lime arranged on top.

Years ago my grandparents had a bakery in Milwaukee. I know they would have been honored to sell this outstanding Pie in their store.

Haven’t tried the Cherry Pie yet. Looking forward to doing so!”
– Susan

“The key lime pie is amazing!”
– Shane

“Everyone loved the pies. My sister said best ever :)
— Amy (Variety pack order)

“Those pies you and your family made are phenomenal. All were way above my expectations. I shared them with family and friends and all were impressed. I think you and your fellow pie-makers have a future in the bakery business if you are so inclined. Wanted to throw you all some props on your delicious works. Are you going to be selling these for a while yet??? because I definitely am planning on ordering some more. I want you to know how much I and others are enjoying your wares. I know you will reach your goal since the product you are purveying is so AWESOME!!!! The best of luck…. ”
— Kevin (Pecan and Banana Cream Pie)

“The cherry cheese cake was fantastic!!! Loved it so much. I shared it a few of my friends. It was so rich and creamy. Dont make any changes :)
— Nicole

“Just wanted to let you know that the Chocolate Peanut butter pie was great! Everyone liked it.”
— Bridget

“Wow! Just wanted to let you know those were the best Banana Cream Pies I ever had. May have to order one again soon… just for the fun of eating it.”
— Lisa